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Kristina, Jim, Briana & Elise Family Session

Ahh! What an amazing day I had with this vibrant family! Kristina came to me for her second portrait shoot this year, this time with her husband Jim, and daughters Briana and Elize.  Kristina had participated in “The 40 Over 40 Women’s Portrait Campaign” several months ago, and we hit it off immediately!

Briana and Elise flew out from the US, so they could all have some quality time together with family in South Africa.  Covid has separated so many people from their loved ones, that there’s a new appreciation of being together and creating more real moments. Their portrait session was a great time to get some mixed combinations of all of them, and then have their selection printed into an album.

We had a fun day in the studio and shared lots of laughs and stories. My mom made Briana a birthday cake, and we surprised her with it at the end of their session.

Kristina and Jim left for the US in March, to embark on a 10-month furlough.  Their goals are to spend time with family, minister in churches across the country, and raise much-needed funds for the expansion of Good Hope Christian School.

What makes it an extra special adventure, is that it’s Kristina and Jim’s 25th-year celebration of missionary work. They have both previously served in the Amazon region of northern Brazil (Manaus).

As Jim says, “While it has not always been easy, we have never regretted taking that step in faith that eventually led us to South Africa…Follow God, go where he leads. Take a risk. Have some faith. Hunger for righteousness… So we embark on this adventure ahead during the most uncertain times we have lived through.  Yet we go with the hope and an expectation that God will be glorified, hearts will be encouraged, and His Word will not return void.”

I’m fully booked until August and then heading to England and Europe to reconnect with family and friends. I’ll be open for portrait sessions again from the beginning of October 2022, and you are welcome to contact me by clicking HERE.  We can schedule a phone consultation to talk about what type of session you would like and how you would like to be photographed.  My portrait sessions are very relaxed, and  I’ll always give you gentle direction with your posing. Here are some of my favourite portraits from their session!

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