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Kirsten & Avril / Mother & Daughter Photo Shoot

I have loved photographing Kirsten, and her Mom Avril in my new studio. This new genre of Motherhood ‘Mother and Daughter’ photo shoots is a special way to document moments of this incredible bond.

A week leading up to your session, I’ll guide you with what types of clothing and accessories to bring.  I like to mix feminine black styles with some lace detail, as well as some of your favourite items that you feel confident wearing. I’ve always been drawn to Audrey Hepburn’s iconic photos, taken by Bob Willoughby in the mid 1950-60’s, and have been inspired by his work. His images are timeless, and I want to create the same legacy portraits for you.

The session started off with professional hair and makeup being done.  Kirsten is a hair and makeup artist, so she did hers and her Moms. We had some relaxing jazz music playing, and the happy conversation flowed.  I started off with some portraits of Avril, and then did a combination of them both. Then ended off with portraits of Kirsten. Sometimes studio shoots can take about 2 hours, and sometimes longer. So if you are planning to have one done in the morning, (I usually start shooting at 10am) then leave enough time, where you don’t have any other commitments for at least until after 1pm.

A week after your photo shoot, you’ll be invited to come back to my studio, where I’ll show you a slideshow of approximately 50 photos from your shoot.  There, you’ll select the ones you absolutely love, and can decide on framed wall art, a folio box of image or an album.  If you decide on wall art, I can help you with the various photo combinations, and show you would work well together.

When last were you photographed with your Mom?  Celebrate your Mom today, and book a shoot with me.

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