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Mother & Daughter Studio Portrait Shoot/ Bronwen + Izzie

Bronwen and Izzie came to my studio in Sea Point for a fun Mother & Daughter shoot.  This is their second shoot with me, the first being a family shoot with Dad, almost 2 years ago.

It was lovely to see them again, and especially see how much Izzie had grown.  While Shannon, from @Shanfouriemua (on insta) was doing Bronwen’s hair and makeup, Izzie was being cute in front of my camera. She was shy at first, and completely intrigued by the flash. The key to photographing a toddler is to act goofy in front of them and talk about their favourite movie characters.

Soon she was twirling around my studio and charming my lens.  I’m usually lucky if I can get 20-30 minutes with a small child, but Izzie managed almost an hour.  She had a small meltdown towards the end, and then bubbles were brought out!

Some of my tips for preparing for your photo shoot if you have a toddler:

  1. Schedule in a time when you know it’s your toddlers happiest time. And not close to nap time.
  2. Ensure they have eaten before the shoot, so they won’t get cranky.
  3. Bring a favourite snack for after the shoot. Like raisins or apple slices. Nothing that could stain, like berries.
  4. Bring a favourite toy – toddlers often love to be photographed with it. It’s a bit of a comfort for them too.
  5. Let them also choose an item of clothing that they love, to bring along too.
  6. Allow them to be themselves. Sometimes a serious or curious look will mean more than a forced smile.
  7. My studio shoots are extremely relaxed, so just have fun!



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