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“Your experience with me
is all about YOU.”


Hi, I’m Monica

I’ve been completely enchanted with photographing people throughout my 15 years as a professional photographer.  It’s given me the opportunity to travel the globe doing photo assignments and commissions in beautiful places like the UK, France, Italy, the Nordic countries, Japan, Cuba, New Zealand and Australia. I am deeply grateful for these enriching experiences and the way they have shaped the way I see and appreciate the world today. Seeing is a feeling, and my approach to my art is intuitive, playful and honest. I always set out to anticipate moments in the most real way.

Portraits are high up on my values list.  When my Dad passed away in 1992 I sifted through boxes and albums of photos from childhood, and found one very faded, yet priceless portrait of myself with my Mom, Dad and siblings.  It’s the only family ‘snapshot’ I have of all 5 of us together.

In today’s digital world, where photo albums are considered to be those saved on phones and devices, it got me really thinking about the future of photographs. There is so much magic in holding a printed photo. The importance for printed family photos, especially for children to look back on and experience their past, is vitally important for their identity, connection and sense of belonging. I have heard too many awful stories of people who have lost their photos, due to their hard drives, phones and USB’s crashing. Digital photographs are not guaranteed to be archival long term, and it’s far too risky to rely on them.


Portrait Of Woman In Cape Town CBD

“I’ve done two photoshoots with Monica; a portrait and a family shoot. She was Amazing on both! Monica has this calming presence about her which instantly put me at ease. She is probably the most talented photographer I have come across and her beautiful photos speak for themselves. She will always be my number one choice for a photographer!”

Desirée, Cape Town

My Story

I have lived in London, Israel, Los Angeles, Singapore, and on and off in Sweden, and I am now enjoying life in Cape Town, South Africa, where I was raised. Before studying Fine Art Photography, I studied Psychology, Media and Social Anthropology. During this time I also worked with children for 13 years, as an au pair, and at a school where they combined traditional and Montessori teaching. It funded my degree and gave me great insight into working with children, and the tips and tricks to help them relax and feel comfortable during a photo session.

I began my photography career in London during the last year of my studies, photographing music gigs and portraits of artists, like Hothouse Flowers, Blondie (Debbie Harry), Seal and Joss Stone. I moved into the wedding industry after a friend asked me to photograph hers, and I have lost track of how many weddings I’ve photographed around the globe since. It was an exciting time in my career, and many of my previous wedding clients have now become my ‘family’ and ‘portrait’ clients since I’ve moved on from weddings.

I was fortunate enough to be mentored by acclaimed film stills photographer, Nicola Dove, who took me under her wing. Her insight and mentoring was invaluable, and has had a significant influence on my journey as a photographer . We had a photo shoot adventure in Japan, and then several years later I spent time on the film set ‘Hyde Park On Hudson‘ observing and learning from her, and got to meet actor, Bill Murray.

I have photographed 5 recipe books in Sweden as well as being published monthly, in numerous food magazines.

Outside of photography, my time is spent with family and friends in South Africa and Sweden, doing journaling, meditation, yoga and travelling whenever I get the chance or disappearing into a great book. I’m a collector of limited edition artwork when I travel, and my apartment walls are covered in frames!

If you feel a connection to my imagery, and want an exclusive experience, and beautifully crafted, high-end quality printed photos and products, I would love to hear from you.


Welcome to my studio! Set in the vibrant, leafy suburb of Sea Point in Cape Town, my studio is light and airy, offering a setup of natural and strobe lighting. I’ve spent many years going backwards and forwards between South Africa and Sweden, and my studio is influenced and characterised by the simplicity, minimalism and functionality of Swedish design. It is a calming space where I get to be fully present with you, in a relaxed environment. I do all the retouching myself and have a high-quality team of album designers and framers creating magic behind the scenes. All my clients work exclusively with me for a warm and personalised experience.

Please note, my studio is on the first floor, and up a short flight of stairs.

By appointment only

Photo Studio In Sea Point
Photo Studio In Sea Point
Photo Studio In Sea Point


Coming shortly! A place for professional photographers to learn, and grow their businesses.


Camera Bodies

Canon 5D MK 111 (two of them)

Camera Lenses

Canon 50mm F1.2
Canon 16-35mm
Canon 70-200mm
Bodies & lenses purchased from Orms.

Studio Lights & Modifiers

Profoto B10
Profoto Octa 5′
Profoto OCF Beauty Dish 2′
Purchased from HD Global.


Profoto Air TTL Transmitter
Purchased from HD Global.

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