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Jules Morgan’s 40th Birthday/ Portrait Session

This is Jules!  One of Cape Town’s best family and portrait photographers. Click HERE to see her beautiful work. I can always recognize her work because it has soul in it and evokes some kind of emotion. Not too long ago, I did her portrait photo shoot in her studio as it was her 40th birthday.  Jules and I have been close friends for over 10 years, and have shared so much in that time. We have been there for each other through the laughter and the heartaches, and she’s shown her sincerity, warmth, loyalty, and strength as a friend. She’s tenacious…but in a very gentle way.  She gets an idea and just goes for it. And I love that about her. And she has this ability to look at a situation in a way that may not have previously been considered. We can never truly see ourselves as others see us, and we are often our own biggest critics. So this is my tribute to my beautiful friend who has always had my back and always been on my team. It takes years to build up a friendship.  All the threads of trust and vulnerability go into weaving that connection. So on this Friday afternoon, I am so grateful to have her in my life.

Jules opened her photo studio in Bergvliet, Cape Town a couple of years ago.  And it’s thanks to her that I have decided to follow suit and open a studio of my own.  My studio will be officially opening in October in Sea Point and I’ll be available for headshots, personal branding shoots, and women and children’s portraits.  I love shooting outdoors, but it’s been so much fun to ‘play’ in studio, that I’d love to see what I can create in mine.

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