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June – “The 40 over 40 Women’s Portrait Campaign” #2

June, 51

woman's portrait

Helen, June’s sister, booked me to photograph June for the 40 over 40 Women’s Portrait Campaign.  She said that June is always taking care of everyone else and that she often forgets about herself; And that this would be a real treat for her sister, where the focus would be entirely on her.

June had her makeover done by hair and makeup artist, Delaney Siebert. She wore a beautiful lace-detailed top, followed by a leopard print one. I loved all of the images below, but the first one really stood out for me.  June looks so strong, confident, and ‘in her own skin’. She has endured a great deal in her life, yet has come out on top.

I first met June and Helen when we were in the same book club group about 12 years ago.  Although we don’t see one another very often, our friendship is fun and easy-going, and we always have a good laugh!. We seem to carry on where we left off, as though no time has passed at all!

June is one of the most sincere women I have ever met. She says it like it is, and she is a beautiful mix of strength and warmth.

Each women on the campaign is given a PDF of questions to answer, sharing their favourite poems or quotes, and some life lessons. Here are some special words shared by June.


My favourite quote

“Never look back,

unless you are planning to go that way.”

Henry David Thoreau

I am most proud of…

Raising my sons to be strong and independent in these times of a notoriously entitled generation, has made me proud. They never take anything for granted and know that hard work is the only way to do it.

What advice would I give my 20-year-old self…

To have more self-discipline, and to try different things until you find your passion. Don’t settle because that’s what society dictates. Make mistakes, and learn from them. Enjoy the present. Be more adventurous.

My thoughts on ageing… 

Aging isn’t for sissies! I’m currently going through menopause and I know why this older generation called it ‘the change.’ Each day is an adventure of what new symptoms can appear! I’d like to get my business back on track as I’ve had my eye off the ball for the past few years.  And once it’s there, I’d like to take my family to Scotland and show them my heritage.

A story I’d like to share…

In 2017, my life turned upside down. I lost my stepson in a motorbike accident, and my youngest son was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I’d always heard and read about these things happening to other people, but now it was my turn to with these tragedies. I’d like to think I’m handling that pretty well. It’s not that I’m particularly strong, it’s that I can’t change the cards I’ve been dealt.  I have to carry on for my loved ones here and now. My son is still battling his cancer, and we don’t know what is in store, but I try and guide him through it with practical suggestions and to live life to the fullest.

And that is the key to me…to live this life to the fullest!

We all experience many lifetimes in this one life. The most significant changes for me were…

I found a new love in my 40’s and had a whirlwind romance. Wayne has probably been the most significant change in my life and he has been my rock. His support has given me the confidence to stand my ground during life’s challenges. I started a new business and raised two sons into fine young men. I’ve realized that ‘No!’ is a full sentence, and that I don’t need to explain myself.

40 over 40 project

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