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Mother & Daughter Photo Shoot / My Mom & Sister!

I have a confession to make…actually I have two!

The first is that this is the first professional photo shoot I’ve ever done of my mom and sister!

And the second is that the casual family moments I document on Christmas Day each year, are only ever edited and given to my family the following Christmas. Except for this year I made an exception! And shocked everyone!

So here is my mom, Joy, and sister, Sharon.  My brother, Gareth couldn’t make it down to Cape Town from the Eastern Cape, so I’ll be doing another shoot when he gets the chance to visit us again.

They are my support team and have pushed, encouraged, and cheered me on in my business, and my biggest life decisions.  My mom is an incredible seamstress extraordinaire and has made most of my wardrobe. She has magic fingers and once she starts on a project, it’s is miraculously turned into a masterpiece.  She is also a baking whizz, with a great sense of humour.  One year, I asked her to make me a carrot cake. And as a joke, she made a cake, stuck a real carrot onto the top of the cake, and said ‘Happy birthday! here’s your carrot cake!” We still laugh about it!

Sharon is a resin artist and has her art exhibited at the YOU&I ART GALLERY, in Sea Point, Cape Town.  She is also trained in various modalities, like EFT (emotional freedom technique) and kinesiology.  Gareth has finished his Clinical Psychology degree and will be heading into his master’s degree next year. I am proud of them all and seeing all their growth and changes through life.  I know we can’t choose our family, but grateful that if I had to, I’d choose this crazy bunch every time.

When last did you have a professional photo shoot done with your mom or sister?  Head over to my contact page, and book a cozy winter shoot in my studio in Sea Point!

Hair & Makeup done by the lovely Kirsten Murphey Makeup

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