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Personal Branding Shoot with Ingrid Alexander, MD of SH’ZEN

Ingrid joined as a consultant of Sh’Zen in the late 1980’s and has since purchased the company with a colleague and become Managing Director.  She is a dynamic, driven and warm person, and I felt inspired talking to her, while photographing her.

Sh’Zen is a fresh and natural range of beauty products, and proudly South African.  Their products are inspired by nature, and known for their healing and regenerative benefits.

Sh’Zen is also a direct-selling company that uplifts and empowers South African woman; both through the natural beauty products it provides and through the business opportunities it offers.

I have recently started using some of their products, and particularly love the natural tissue oil for the body.  The soft scent of calendula and arnica, gives me the sense of being wrapped in my favourite blanket.

I also decided to give the PhytoExquisites™ Radiant Serum a go, as I’m sometimes more cautious using products due to my sensitive skin.  This product is remarkable, and overdelivered. My skin felt brighter and smoother after about 5 days of using the product, and after about almost 2 weeks, I saw a noticeable reduction of my fine lines.

Why have a personal branding shoot?  It represents and elevates you and your brand! It’a also a way of connecting with your clients and a glimpse into who you are.  Drop me an email by clicking here, and let me know what type of you business you have, and how I can best serve you.

Thanks to Nicola Loots for styling, and Kirsten Murphy for hair and makeup.



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