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Carol, 52 – The 50 Over 50 Women’s Portrait Campaign

Carol, 52


Where are you from, and where do you currently live?

Originally from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and currently living in Knysna, South Africa.


If your friends were to describe you, what would they say?

Dynamic, adaptable and innovative


What is your favourite quote or saying?

“It always seems impossible, until it’s done.” Nelson Mandela

What would you say you are most proud of?

Raising my son as a single parent.

What advice would you give your younger self?

To not take life so seriously, and have more fun.


What is a goal or dream you still wish to accomplish?

To launch a wellness retreat movement, that combines ice/water plunges, movement and silent discos style, in sacred locations around the world.


What are your thoughts on ageing?

Ageing is a gift that many people don’t have the opportunity to enjoy.

I was so excited to finally meet Carol Hampshire, as we had unofficially met online in the same business coaching group.

Carol is a master brand & web designer and strategist with 30 years of experience and is prominent in the industry. 

I loved her calm and gentle presence, and in between photographing her, we talked about life, business, and energetics.

One of the best things about doing the ‘50 over 50′ campaign, is that I’ve connected with so many dynamic and inspirational women.

Women who are making waves, re-inventing themselves, and unafraid to become the best versions of themselves.

Thank you, Carol, for bringing your beautiful energy and wisdom to my studio.

I’m looking forward to following your journey next year, which I know is going to involve some big, bold moves!

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