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Ezelna + Josh’s Family Photoshoot on Llandudno Beach

An early morning family photo shoot on one of my all-time favourite beaches, Llandudno, with Ezelna, Josh, and their two adorable boys, Noah and Carter.  This is the 5th photoshoot I’ve done for them over the past 8 years, with the first one being their wedding Zel and Josh’s wedding.  Although I no longer photograph weddings I really loved the 17-year adventure it brought me and the amazing people I met.   I’ve gone on to photograph many family shoots from the wedding couples I’ve photographed, and it’s always great to reconnect and see how the families have grown.

We had a fun morning playing on the beach, and that first light was such a magical start.  Noah loved climbing on the rocks, and Carter made many escapes toward to ocean.

Tips for a happy and easy flowing family shoot

  1. Prepare your outfits the night before so you aren’t stressed about what to wear, or suddenly having to iron something in the morning.
  2. Eat before a shoot so you’re not hungry mid-shoot.
  3. Pack an extra set of clothes for your children just in case they are needed.
  4. Tell your children beforehand that they are going to have some photos taken. Feel free to bring some ‘clean’ non-messy snacks if you need to resort to some bribery when they are getting tired.
  5. Children don’t understand the concept of time, so 20 minutes can feel very long for a child to be photographed. I like to mix up some naturally posed photos, but for the most part, I get the best shots of parents playing and interacting with their children.  I give gentle direction for this, but it all flows very easily and naturally.
  6. Keep calm and relaxed if your children decide to listen to the call of the ocean rather than your call! I get some of the best shots when they are off on their own mission and enjoying the freedom of the outdoors.
  7. I pack wet wipes, tissues, and water, so you don’t need to bring that along.
  8. Most important is to put your phones away, and be fully present with your children. Play, run, laugh, tickle, and I’ll take care of the rest.

A couple of weeks after their photo shoot, we met and I showed them a slideshow of the best 60 portraits.  They then selected the ones they absolutely loved and had those printed and framed for them. If you scroll through their selection here, you’ll see how amazing they looked printed and framed on their walls.

Recently Ezelna was part of my “40 Over 40 Women’s Portrait Campaign”. (Click HERE to see her photos.)

Are you wanting an outdoor family session or one in my studio? Please drop me a message by clicking HERE.


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