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Taryn, Warwick & Aaron’s beach family shoot, Cape Town

I met up with Taryn, Warwick, and their son, Aaron on Llandudno beach in Cape Town, just as the sun was waking up the beach. We were all in awe of the golden light!
Llandudno is by far, my favourite beach in Cape Town. There is lots of space for little ones to run around in the sand, in the early mornings.
The beach is also relatively quiet and empty then,except for a few people with their dogs on their morning walk.
The huge boulders make for a great background, and because they are so huge, the sun only comes over them later in the morning…
which means it’s great for family shoots and not having to get out of bed too early.
Taryn and Warwick are South Africans, living in England. They moved there just over a year ago, at the peak of lockdown!
As a family, they love exploring the parks and taking Aaron to the many playgrounds dotted around London.
They spend time exploring some of the towns around London on the weekend, meeting up with our friends, watching the sunset on the banks of the River Thames,
and exploring central London.  With England being so richly steeped in history, there’s just so much to learn and see.
What they most love about South Africa when they’re out here, is being around their family, the sunshine, the beaches, Woolworths (!) and having a shared culture with the people around them.
It was so lovely to meet Taryn, Warwick, and Aaron and create some beautiful beach moments of them.  I’m excited to see their large family album in print, which will be arriving at my studio in the next week!

Some family shoot tips:

  1.  Wear something you feel confident and comfortable in, and avoid logos on clothing, as these can often date.
  2. Eat something before your shoot so you have the energy to ‘run around.’
  3. Arrive with a positive attitude – these photos will be looked back on for years, and you want to remember the amazing experience you had.
  4. Have fun. Hug your family. Love them.  Be present.
  5. Young children often want to head off on their own mission and explore. Let them. I get some posed ones in, but then some of the best shots are when parents are playing and interacting with their children.  Or when their children are racing off into the ocean or looking for secret treasure behind a rock.

I will be over in England and Sweden from August until early October. So if you would like a family shoot or business headshot in one of those countries, please contact me HERE.

“Life tells the best stories. Let me tell yours.” Monica Dart
If you’re in Cape Town on holiday and want a shoot outdoors or in-studio, click HERE and drop me an email.
Booking is essential, and I’m usually booked 2-3 months in advance.
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