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Ann – “The 40 over 40 Women’s Portrait Campaign” #4

Ann, 59 

Womans portrait

Ann was born in the DRC – the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1962.  This was my second shoot with Ann, having photographed her several years ago, as she needed some personal branding images done. (see link HERE for some tips if you are wanting a personal brand shoot with me in the future).

Ann is a top business coach and founder of Team Dynamics. It is a results-driven company that guides and shows you how to get the right results, compassionately, from your team. One of my favourite memories with Ann, was when she helped me define ‘my WHY’ in my business: “Creating stories of love, energy, and connection in my shoots”.  We met up at Sea Point Promenade one morning over coffee, and through an interesting and fun process, she guided me to see my business with crystal clear vision.  I left our meeting feeling lighter (because she has that kind of beautiful energy that lights up a place!)

This was the 2nd time makeup artist, Delaney Siebert has done Ann’s hair and makeup, so it was great for the 3 of us to reconnect again! Sometimes being in my studio is like being in a hair salon, as lots of personal and funny conversations unfold!  Ann was very relaxed during her shoot, and once we got going, everything flowed.  It was hard to select my favourites, as there were so many of them to choose from.

I found these to be the most strong, playful, confident, open, and soul-capturing images from her session. If any of my readers are in search of a business coach, Ann and her 5-star service come highly recommended! Click HERE for a link to contacting Ann and seeing how she can guide you on your journey.

For the campaign, each woman is given a PDF of questions to answer sharing their favourite poems or quotes and some life lessons. Here are some special words shared by Ann.

I have been described as…

Authentic and very straightforward.  Extremely confident, passionate with a great sense of humour.

I am most proud of…

How my business has grown and where it’s at right now.  I have seen and experienced huge success.

My favourite quote…

“Chances are you won’t have time to deal with the unimportant things.

Which is better than not having time to deal with the important things.” Ray Dalio

What advice would I give my 20-year-old self…

“I am enough.”

Going unapologetically for what is important to me, and living in my values and what is important to me, as opposed to what parents or family want.

I don’t need to seek approval, and I live for what is most important to me.

My thoughts on ageing… 

I’m not looking forward to turning 60!

The goal and dream I still wish to accomplish…

I need to impact a million people and set up a business that is saleable 5 years down the line, and which I can still be part of until I’m no longer able to.

A Story I’d like to share…

Age 49 was a pivotal time in my life, as I felt like I was restarting again.  I got divorced, my kids left the house, I moved home and beginning a new career. Through the support of the people that are interested in being part of my life, I got through it.  I got to revisit all my belief systems and my worthiness and where I thought it was.  It was a revalidation of who I was and finding out who I really am.

I got married out of university, so my identity was as a wife and mother, and my job defined me. And it wasn’t me. That was the biggest journey!

I got to experience that all at the same time.

Ann, I think you are one in a million, and I feel privileged to know you!

For those inspiring women in their 40’s up to 100, I now have ONLY TWO SPACES LEFT if you wish to be part of the campaign!  The campaign will culminate in a glam exhibition in Cape Town next year July 2022, and each woman will receive a copy of a beautiful magazine, showcasing some of her images, and her story. You are welcome to bring your mom, sister, or daughter(s) to join you in being photographed!

Click this link HERE to apply now!  Once we are fully booked, you are welcome to join the waitlist for any future campaigns I may run. I won’t be running another 40 over 40 campaign in South Africa, but there is sure to be another exciting campaign of some sorts!

“Isn’t it time you celebrated yourself and existed in printed photos?”

behnd the scenes of a portrait shoot

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