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My Personal Branding Photoshoot + Tips

I woke up anxious! It was the day of my own Personal branding shoot, and being on the other side of the camera felt daunting to me. I knew I was in good hands with photographer Natasha from Cocodash Boudoir.  Natasha does boudoir and personal branding shoots.  It was great for me to experience how my clients could feel before their photoshoot, and then know how to reassure them that nerves are normal.

Some of the anxiety I had was thinking ‘what if my smile looks fake? (It’s hard to smile on demand).  ‘What if I looked too posed?’  I was so anxious, I forgot what I tell my clients when they are feeling the same; “It’s normal to feel nervous. And during your shoot we’ll have an easy conversation, so your smile is natural.” and “It’s my job to pose you, (not yours), and get the most flattering angles and images for you.” My nerves actually eased as soon as I sat down with a coffee, and Shan Fourie started with my hair and makeup.  Some light music went on, we all started chatting and laughing, and I looked around, and felt this gratitude of being photographed in my dream home. I needed a branding shoot done, as I’m growing my business, and will now also be coaching photographers in their business.

My business coach, Chanelle Segerius-Bruce had mentioned that having a shoot done, would be a great boost, as I’d be taking that new energy into the launch with me.  And she was right. Something amazing happened while being photographed. I suddenly started to feel like the business coach I imagined myself to be. And I suddenly felt confident and ready to take on this huge, and brave career move. What was even more surprising, was when I actually got to go through my images with Natasha.  And there ‘I’ was.  The ‘me’ I had visualized all along.  I sat looking at my images thinking “I’m really doing this. I’m really going to be coaching photographers.”  A huge mental shift had just occurred. And this is the shift I want for my clients.  No matter what business you are in, whether you’re a florist, author, blogger, photographer, doctor, real estate agent,  when you have professional images done, they WILL elevate your brand. And you WILL feel more confident and in the role of the business owner that you are.

Some of my tips before a personal branding shoot:

  1. A week or two before your photoshoot, look for a suitable hotel, Airbnb, or home that suits your style and personality, and is on par with your brand. My wonderful UK clients were kind enough to let me use their home in Camps Bay, as they know it’s my dream home! And quite frankly, I couldn’t see myself being photographed anywhere else! I visualized being photographed there, so when they said ‘yes’, I had tears in my eyes.
  2. Several days before, shave or wax underarms, and legs.
  3. A day or two before, have a manicure and pedicure done. And wash your hair and gently exfoliate your face. This is so your makeup artist has a smooth face to work on. It also gives that extra glow.
  4. Drink 1-2 liters of water the day before, too.  Ok, this will lead to more toilet visits on the day of the shoot, but it’s more important that you’re really hydrated.
  5. I got a great tip from my business coach, and that was to put my matching accessories into little clear bags and attach them to the hanger. That way, I wouldn’t be thinking about what accessories to wear with what outfit, on the day.  It also meant, that after each outfit change, I took off those accessories and put on the next set.
  6. Get to sleep early – I had 9 hours of sleep and woke up refreshed.
  7. Work on a mood board of ideas with your photographer a couple of weeks before your shoot. Natasha and I had a list of specific shot ideas I wanted, then we adapted them into the version that best suited me.

Are you ready for your personal branding shoot?  Drop me an email via my contact form. Click HERE

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Monica Dart personal branding photoshoot


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