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Twin’s Contemporary Glamour Shoot / Maja & Tina in Studio!

Let me introduce ‘THE TWINS’ to you!  Dr Maja and Dr Tina Wojno are both doctors, and born in Poland! And…they have twin brothers living in Australia!  Isn’t that remarkable?  Maja is a Specialist Radiologist, and was my surgeon several years ago. We have build up a beautiful friendship over the years!  I met her sister Tina, a Pathologist (Medical Microbiologist) at their joint 40th birthday.  Last year when Covid-19 showed up unexpectedly, their 40th birthday shoot was put on hold, so it was exciting to finally have them in my studio.  They are two of the kindest and warmest women I have ever met.  And I am so happy to know them, and have them as friends!

The lovely Delaney Siebert did hair and makeup, and it turned into, what felt like a girls day out for all of us!  I started off with some portraits of Tina, while Maja had her makeover done.  Then did a combo of both of them, then Maja on her own.  We had divine music playing, and the energy was incredible from beginning to end.

I loved their selection of clothes – a mix of lace-detailed dresses and tops and some casual items.

When planning a photo session, I am always open to ideas that inspire you. Poses or specific images that you feel resonate with you, or perhaps a fun shot that you’ve had in mind.

What to bring:

  1. Something in black with lace or sequence detail. Think ‘GLAM’!
  2. Something casual – like your favourite jeans and jumper.
  3. Accessories


  1. Have a manicure done a day or two before your shoot
  2. Check that eyebrows are looking neatly shaped.
  3. Wash hair the day before.
  4. Arrive without makeup, and with skin moisturised.

Some people do feel a little nervous or anxious before their session.  But I promise, that once we get going, the nerves and anxiety will turn to excitement. It’s not your job to know how to pose or be in front of the camera – it’s my job!

And I’ll guide you every step of the way with gentle direction.  So whether you’re wanting a photo session for yourself, or with your sister, child, mom, gran or friend, please contact me via the contact page, and let me create something beautiful and memorable for you!

“It’s your moment. Be in it!”

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