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Generations Portrait Shoot / Studio

I love making images that include multiple generations of a family.  Firstly, it is incredibly special to freeze  moments with a grandmother, her daughter, and her grandchildren.  Secondly, knowing that these printed legacy images will passed on to the next generation. Priceless.

Here is Lisa, her two young daughters, and her Mom, in my studio.  We had such a fun morning, and created various combinations of everyone together. Lisa and her Mom, Lisa and her daughters, gran and her granddaughters. I also made individual portraits of each person, and Lisa’s girls together.

My Mom is a talented seamstress, and sewed some black tutus, which the girls wore.

I am still in awe of the magic of photography, and it is something so easily taken for granted.  Imagine if the only recollections we have, are from our memories?  As American filmmaker and writer, Susan Sontag so beautifully sums up in her book, ‘On Photography‘, “To collect photographs, is to collect the world.”

Holding a tangible, printed photo acknowledges that we were here; It transports us to time in our life and it gives it deeper meaning.

I am inspired by the engaging black and white portraits of American photographers, Bob Willoughby and Annie Leibovitz;  and their ability to draw out a raw and real aspect of their subjects personality.

Some tips for your shoot:

  1. Bring along some black clothing with lace detail, or something feminine. This creates a timeless and classic look.
  2. Black shirts or polo necks are also great.
  3. If you don’t have black, bring dark blue.
  4. If you have young daughters, include black ballet leotards if you have.
  5. Have hair and makeup done – it’ll enhance your looks and make you feel more confident in front of the lens.

Hair & Makeup: Chantal Jacobson

Lighting: Profoto B10 + 5ft Octabox – HD Global

black and white portrait generations portrait in studio

black and white portraits of a family generation

generational portrait of a family in studio

Below: printed and matted fine art photos from Lisa’s shoot
black and white printed and matted family photos

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